Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Inspired by this year's colorful burst of autumn - in the leaves...in the air...in the stores, I find myself wondering why I am so taken by these annual events, this year. And then it hits me like corn shot from a cannon. I AM HOME - not at Miramar, or El Paso, or Nellis. BUT HOME!!!! I love being home, but not when our season wasn't a season at all! Outside of Oshkosh and Reno, there wasn't much to be excited about! We all love the "Crazy Farmer" routine, along with the jet truck, and the talented wing-walkers, and brilliant pilots performing daring maneuvers, but they just can't top our military jet teams! So many of us were so hopeful with the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds 2014 published schedule, but now that the government has shut down, we wonder, Trick or Treat...?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sun N Fun

It's difficult to discuss an air show at an air show that doesn't resemble an air show! It's not that T-6's and L-39's are not exciting to watch, but they lack the punch of a well-rounded air show that combines the military and civilian jets. Besides, we do not have that design in our collection of tees! But, Sun N Fun is just that; there is that Floridian sun and a heck of a lot of fun, especially after a few brewskies.Folks come from all over to bask in the afterglow of an AOEPA reunion, or a test flight in a brand spanking new Piper. Conversations, too, are open and friendly; no hint of the doom and gloom of sequestration. Now, if only we'd get more sales ...

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Back on 95 South!

You know, there's got to be a special place in Heaven for all of God's vendors!  First, we pack all of our freshly printed and embroidered designs, specific to each show, in plastic boxes.  Next, we line those "puppies" up on our loading dock, and Warren begins the fine task of geometrically loading the van.  That's when you can hear his melodious voice peal,  "Damn those overstuffed boxes!!!" After all of his prodding, coaxing, cussing, and kicking . . . We are packed and ready to go!

Now, my job as navigator is to not only put up with Warren's driving persona - he is the self-proclaimed Universal Monitor of ALL Drivers, and as such, finds it necessary to give detailed reviews of all motorists and their impending doom! - I must also be on the look-out for neighboring Cracker Barrels and Love's Gas Stations. . . Not to mention lowering the voice of our GPS which consistently and unceasingly says, "Recalculating!"

But I digress, 95 South, this trip, means Sun N Fun in Lakeland, Florida.  We are returning this year, despite our lackluster experience of last year, basically due to the relocation of our spot, and the VERY slim pickings of Air Shows, but that's another story (check our last blog).

At any rate, you will hear more about the actual Air Show later this week.  For now, Cracker Barrel is coming up at the next exit and I do not want to hear RECALCULATING again!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Welcome to the Year of Sequestration!

We have learned a new word this year: "Sequestration."  If we are not sure what it means, we sure are learning its effects!  For example:  No More US Jet Teams!  Gone are the eardrum breaking roars of the F/A-18's and the F-16's!  Gone are the crowds filled with unabashed shrieks of "OOOOOOHHHH's" and "NNNNOOOOOO's." Gone are those wonderful faces filled with the anticipation of viewing precision flying at its best - with eyes covered ( well, maybe not both!) for fear of watching near collision-like maneuvers.  The Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds are reasons why so many of our youth enlist and become tomorrow's heroes.   All for the sake of the budget!!!

We just returned from the first Air Show of the season:  the Valiant Air Command in Titusville, Florida.  Though relatively small, it generally features WWll aircraft and acts as a wonderful springboard for our show season.  This year, the Thunderbirds were headlined - it was to be their first and last show!  There were record-breaking crowds on all three days:  March 22, 23, 24, not to mention the over-booked motels, the long lines at the gas stations, and the overcrowded restaurants with a ten mile radius.  Talk about a local economic boom!  But, too expensive for our budget!

There is no doubt that there is wasteful spending, but . . . Welcome to the year of sequestration!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy 2009!

Happy New Year!!!! With gas prices down, our outlooks are up . . . this WILL be a great year!

Before I write another word, I first must give an overdue thank you to one of our most loyal fans, Jim Decker. It was at the Tico Air Show last year, when Jim presented me with one of our original A-10 designs from the mid 1980's. Though the black of the tee had ripened to a mature grey tone, that "baby" still looked great!

We are in the process of organizing our 2009 Air Show Schedule, but I can tell you now, it looks very exciting! We will keep you posted, so please visit our website often.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Oshkosh is Coming!

So you thought I would forget about the blog . . . wrong!!!

So you thought I would begin with an apology . . . wrong!!!

So you thought I would ask "Where in the world is Warren?" Right?!. . . wrong again!!!

No, having been so caught up in redoing our web-site while attending to all things necessary for the air shows, I just needed a breather. I have inhaled, exhaled, and I am ready to go! I just can't believe that I am preparing for Oshkosh already!

Our show shirt is pretty, pretty, pretty spectacular! We have also added some new designs to our Blackbird collection: A T-6, a Gee-Bee, and a revised JSF.

In addition to our new designs, we are knocking them dead with our P-40 Hawaiian shirt with matching sneakers. Keep checking our site for all these new additions. And . . . come see them in person at the air shows!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

There's nothing like the luck of the Irish - Bear Stearns down to $2.00; our beautiful silver van, that is for sale, gets hit by an elderly blind woman in the Stop & Shop parking lot; our new black and white bags are finally in - only they're black and grey (ugh!). I know there's a pot o'gold waiting for us somewhere under a rainbow, but the only rainbow we seem to be under is a windblown tent!

Despite our rather lackluster St. Patrick's Day, may you find that four leaf clover in your hand, and not in your lawn!